The Canadian Welder Test Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Individual Welders:

Q.Why would I choose to buy the training videos?

A. As you prepare yourself for testing as a CWB qualified welder, you can review Part 1, Construction of the S-Classification Coupon to see the most commonly used test coupons.

Not understanding the instructions to complete the coupons on test day can result in a No Test or Failure. Either way you will spend more money for retesting. When you own the video you can watch Part 2, Instructions for Test Day as many times as you like.

In Part 3, Tip’s & Techniques you learn about the most common failures and how to practice for the test without using the actual test plates.

The information in this video is a result of watching welders use the first test session as a learning session and spend more money on retesting once they have experienced the test first hand. In 9 out of 10 cases the video was much cheaper than the test and you own it for next time.

Q. Why would I go to a Test Centre and pay to test when I can likely have a company pay for my testing.

A.  A company may pay for the testing after hiring you. But if you are looking for a job, a company is likely to hire a welder  that already has at least one of the CWB Qualifications they are looking for and  be willing pay to have any other testing done they think is necessary.  Welding as a career was a good choice. Investing in yourself and your future is the most importance choice you will ever make!

Q. Why would I choose your Test Centre over any of the others?

A. If you are considering using a test centre, you should shop around and compare, they are not all the same. The way they conduct their business and the cost of the testing may vary. At the Canadian Welder Test Centre it is all about you, and we are ready to prove it! In the first hour of your visit you will have watched a video on the testing you are about to do, asked all the questions you can think of and had time in the booth to set the machine the way you like it.

Questions from Companies: 

Q. Why would our company want to own the training videos?

A. Investing in education says a lot about a company’s commitment to its work force. Training them in front of a TV or Computer screen with quality information, real time video and graphics can help free up the other employees in your company that would typically be involved in the training process.

The information supplied in the videos is a direct result of more than 8 years of hands on CWB welder testing and training.

Q. Why would we choose to send our welders to the Canadian Welder Test Centre rather than test at our own shop?

A. Most companies make money welding and fabricating for industry not testing welders. If you take all the materials, manpower and equipment required to prepare the coupons for test day. Add the time it takes to weld, cut and grind each coupon for bending. Watch all the other workers in the shop as they observe the testing process. Throw in the cost of a hydraulic press with a bending jig that will not likely be used for any other purpose other than bending of the test coupons; we are sure you will have the answer to that question.

Q. If we choose to use a test centre, why would we choose the Canadian Welder Test Centre?

A. If you are going to spend money at a test centre, be sure to shop around. At the Canadian Welder Test Centre it is our mission to offer superior service at a fair price. Please tour our web site. You will find we offer more than welder testing, we offer an "Experience".

Questions from Training Institutions:

Q. Why would we use the training videos?

A. The videos are a great tool for post secondary training institutions. They help expose students to the testing requirements found in the structural steel standard; CSA W47.1 “Certification of Companies for Fusion Welding of Steel”.  The video’s are typically used during code introduction classes.