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The Canadian Welder Test Centre for same day test results and immediate retesting.

Our Test Centres have been developed to closely follow the training video’s which allow YOU to train in relaxed surroundings of your choice. We offer a moderately paced enviroment which allows for plenty of time to prepare yourself, your booth and ask questions. Ask lots of questions!

Our Testing Schedule

The Canadian Welder test centre offers testing and training throughout the year with its MOBILE TEST UNIT or static locations. For additional test dates, training or Job Testing dates please call: 403-288-2844 to discuss your testing needs and book an appointment.

Our Price Schedule

Click this link to print a copy of the 2010 price schedule.

As you prepare for testing, we need to make some decisions. 

What processes are we testing on? For example: SMAW, GMAW or FCAW/MCAW. 

The second most important question is: Should we use X-Ray or Cut & Bending to evaluate the test coupons? 

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Please call the Test Centre (Edmonton, 780-919-4624) or (Calgary, 403-288-2844) to Register and confirm your test date BEFORE using the PayPal Option below.

Now you can pay for your testing online - using the buttons below

Welder Testing

S-Classification & T-Classification
$145 / per Position
T-Classification - SMAW
SMAW - X-Ray
$125 / per Position
GMAW - Cut & Bend only
$165 / per Position
FCAW/MCAW - Cut & Bend
FCAW/MCAW - Cut & Bend
$165 / per Position
GMAW cut & bend
$140 / per Position
SMAW x-ray
T-Classification - SMAW
$200/ per test
Remember! Once you order a product, it is remembered by paypal until you remove them from the cart or complete the checkout process, so check the quantity of items in your cart BEFORE you proceed with payment.

(To remove an item, check the box beside the item, and then click the remove button under the total.)

Companies testing T-Class must submit a CWB approved welding procedure before testing.


X-Ray or cut and bend available. Cut and bend only on GMAW. Please call or check our learn more section for info on Evaluation Choices.

Training - Practice

Based on 40% video/classroom and 60% shop with instructor, Call 780-919-4624 for details.

Training DVD Sales

Please call 780-919-4624 for more details and special offers. 

Please Note

CWB Certified Companies must complete and forward a copy of the “Welder Test Authorization” form prior to testing. Click here to get form 

CWB Welder Qualification Cards are only issued to CWB Certified companies.
Welders testing on their own will be issued a Pass/Fail Record (letter). A COPY of this record is given the CWB Certified company the welder is working for and the company will forward the record to the CWB to have the Qualification Card issued. Test Records and Welder Cards are valid for 2 years.

We strongly suggest welders renew their qualifications at least 90 days before the expiry date on the welder card. This additional time will be added to the new card. If retesting is done 91 days after the expiry date check testing will no longer apply and all positions will require retesting.

A Typical Day at the Test Center

Our mission is to prepare you for testing in a clean, comfortable environment. We integrate the training and testing processes to create a positive experience you can look forward to every time you require training or testing.

Here's what you can expect on test day:

7:45 am - Doors open

7:45 to 8 am- Booth Assignment

8:00 to 8:45 am - Classroom. 
Grab a coffee etc and settle in for a review of the Tips & Techniques portion of the training video followed by a general overview of the instructions and a Q&A session with the CWB Rep present.

8:45 to 9:00 am - Get familiar with your booth and shop layout. Run a few passes on some scrap.

9:00 am - Testing begins as coupons are handed out by CWB Rep along with any additional instructions if required. Welding and coupon preparation will continue until test day is complete.

Notice: At the end of the session, tools, grinders and buffers etc will be put away and booth throughly cleaned for inspection before any paper work is issued.

How to find us: 

Bay 4, 3175 - 68 street NW
Calgary, Alberta.
T3B 2J4

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The Canadian Welder Test Center - Calgary 

Contact: Doug Gohmann

phone: 403-288-2844