Success stories from the Canadian Welder Test Centre

Welder testing is a fact of life for Individuals and Companies working with the structural steel standard: CSA W47.1, Certification of Companies for the Fusion Welding of Steel in Canada today. Whether you’re a local welder or a company recruiting welders from outside of Canada, sooner or later you will face the unnecessary stresses related to the world of recruitment, welder training & testing.

CSA W47.1-09 (re-Affirmed 2014) Includes:

Cl. 8.2.3, (Companies can now test their welders as “Probationary”
in all or any positions required.)

Cl., (Welder testing can be performed on the SMAW test coupon for all processes including FCAW/MCAW when the
wire size used is 1.6 mm or less.)

Add this to the fact that some Welder Apprenticeship Programs may now include the S-Classification Test Coupons to their welder training programs and you can see why our Training Video’s are a Must Have for any Welder Training and Testing Resource Package!

For some people this means:

The Canadian Welder, Video Training & Test Centre’s are dedicated to assisting individuals and companies preparing to test welders to the structural steel standards. We have a mobile test unit in Edmonton which offer bright, clean and modern environments for hands on welder training & testing.

Our Series of training DVDs are designed to prepare welders prior to testing. We believe we offer the perfect solution to insure success by providing fast and cost effective welder training and testing in a friendly environment where our client’s needs are our top priority.

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* Perfect for companies who have a group of welders being tested or for individuals who want to watch at their own pace or many times